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Welcome to Harbor Boat Rentals

We specialize in both boat rentals and boat club memberships for boating, fishing, spearfishing, dolphin and whale watching, cruising, bird watching, surf adventures, stand up paddle trips, outrigger and paddle assist and sight-seeing.  We service Dana Point Harbor, Oceanside Harbor and Newport Harbor.  Our clientele varies from the most hardcore fisherman chasing big fish offshore, to small groups or families who want to cruise the harbor for the afternoon or sunset.
Our boats are outfitted with state of the art equipment and are set up to accommodate almost any adventure our clients are planning.  With our list of industry partners, we can custom build an adventure for you.  Guide service, food, drinks, ice, tackle, bait, music, and fine dining afterwards is at our fingertips.  Our roots are deep in the waters of Southern California.

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INTERESTED IN DOLPHIN AND WHALE WATCHING?  Looking for things to do while visiting Orange County? Dana Point offers some of the best whale watching in the world!  Bottlenose dolphin, Long-Beaked Common dolphins, Short-Beaked Common dolphin, Risso’s dolphin, Pacific White-Sided dolphins, California Sea lions, Gray whales, Blue whales, Humpback whales, Minke whales, Fin whales, Orcas, Sperm whales, Short-Finned Pilot whales and False Killer whales are all within range of Dana Point year round.  We serve all of Southern California near Los Angeles, Long Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Oceanside and San Diego.


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